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In this era of unprecedented humanitarian need, efficient delivering of mission and measuring and communicating their impact is a critical challenge for the nonprofits.


In the context of these incredible challenges, our world-class partner ecosystem services are rooted in program delivery and impact measurement, thereby powering the core nonprofit processes.

We are incredibly optimistic about the potential for digital technology to help transform large and small nonprofits,
by truly unlocking new capabilities for nonprofits and improving their end-to-end mission delivery efficiency, thereby empowering everyone to achieve more.

We offer additional support to engage with us on building the latest, technical accelerator.


Expansion to Common Data Model that incorporates industry-standard meanings of constituent administrations, gathering pledges, grants and program conveyance.

It can make and peruse log frames (sensible structures, the structure squares of robust program plan).

Associate log frames to the interior, outside and standard markers like the United Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) altogether which helps improve program estimation and result.

Case Management information model augmentations.

Venture Management and Program Design information model expansions.

Charitable Operations Toolkit.


Donor management

To focus on the fundraising efforts accordingly, we correctly focus on fundraising personnel via tracking donors and analyzing their behaviour and learning about current trends and issues where donors are currently concentrated. 

Grant management

Deals with ways of discharging items and their structures with every single pertinent detail and managing time concurrently.  We give full engineering support services for the design, supply and inspection of bulk handling machines. 


We ensure that all the relevant metrics are displayed on a real-time basis on user-designed dashboards so that incentives and efforts can be directed in a manner to get the desired outcomes. 


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