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Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing is the platform serves database, storage, applications, networking another other software that can be manipulating, configuring and access those software resources and associated hardware in remote over internet. 


Without affecting the flow of business entire operation will be move to cloud. We Dpay consultancy is certified cloud solution providers will facilitate your organisation ongoing digital transformation in cloud workspace for improved data security and streamline the Organisation operations.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, It provides a variety of cloud services, as well as reason, analytics, storage, and networking. There are 200+ services provided by Azure.

Cloud Migration- for Other ERP Applications

If you are using a different ERP solution but willing to migrate same from non-cloud to cloud solution, we provide service which assures smooth migration.

Cloud Migration- for Legacy Microsoft solution

If you are already using a legacy application of Microsoft ERP, we provide you the service for migrating to cloud solution with all the existing integration and support. Dpay consultants provides upgradation to Dynamics 365 helps your Organisation stay updated in digital transformation, data security and integrity. We have all the technical experience needed. We will provide you with the compatibility matrix based on your requirement. And support you with the upgrade.


To be in the top of line in your competitive business you will need the products that put you in the position to be top-of-line too. It is a common predicament organization face on how to upgrade.


Pay as you go

Size on demand

Data security and disaster recovery

Internet of things – IOT

High Availability and Hybrid Capability

Freedom from Infrastructure maintenance

Improve security, protection, and dependability



Pay as you go

Size on demand

Data security and disaster recovery

Internet of things – IOT

High Availability and Hybrid Capability



Hassle free migration

Enhanced Security and compliance

360 degree perspective

Extending our services throughout Middle east GCC, India and Malaysia.

Our Approach

No down time for migration, We are here to that too very near door step services. 

For any cloud services like 

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) 
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) 
  • Software as a service (SaaS)  
  • Server less service 

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