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Concise to the point:

Financial growth of an industry depends on so many parameters such as productivity, marketing, employee’s effort, vision as well as mission etc., “Without wheel, a vehicle can’t achieve its movement” in that same way without potential employees an industrial sector wouldn’t get remarkable changes. Selection of potential employee needs talent hiring process, there is a lot difference between hiring and talent hiring process. In fact selection of potential employee is like adding of a new person into the management’s family.


 Hiring is the set of procedure which is used to hire an employee with amount paid for their services, Most of all industries having quality principles which is in line with some international regulations, likewise hiring process also having some international employment guidelines such as 

  • Employment policy convention, 1964 
  • Employment relationship recommendation,2006 
  • Employment and decent work for peace and Resilience recommendation,2017 
  • Guide to international labour standards and rights at work concerning young people (2017) 
  • Guide on employment policy and international labour standards (2014) 
  • Guide for the formulation of national employment policies (2012) 
  • Rights at work in times of crisis: Trends at the country level in terms of compliance with international labour standards (2011) 
  • General Survey on Employment Policy (2004) etc., 

These employment related guidelines where created, maintained and reviewed by INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION. 

Importance of talent hiring :

  • Talent hiring needs some stringent strategy for selection of potential candidate, Implementation of talent hiring procedures paves the way for an industry by chance of scoring some sort of reputation in terms of quality aspects.  
  • Selection of potential candidate for the right work. 
  • Increase the productivity within the short period of time 
  • Maintaining the standard operating procedure with  compliance to the quality aspects 
  • Maintaining the punctuality  and company policies 

Importance of talent hiring :

Steps involved in hiring process :

Employee hiring is the process of placing right men on right job. It is a set of procedure for matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of candidatesEffective selection can be performed only when there is effective matchingthe process of hiring involves so many steps over several decades; some common steps are furnished below: 



How Dpay works 

Sourcing and Lead Generation 

Starting with requirement fulfilling Job description, and it will keep on posted on social network, industry events, conferences, online forums and industrial gatherings, which leads to generate a large pool of promising candidates and also stronger pipeline for potential hires 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dpay supports integration with LinkedIn and other job portal sites 

Recruiting and Attracting 

For Building a strong industrial brand, needs a promotions of unique company culture, and structural designing of competitive compensation packages these parameters are main components of attracting and retaining stars in industry.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dpay helps you defining the job description, position details, position Hierarchy. 

Interviewing and assessing 

Interviewing and assessing process having some set of procedures such as 

1, Preliminary interview 

2, Application blanks 

3, Written tests 

4, Employment interviews 

5, Medicinal examination 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dpay helps you in defining the gaps like. 

  1. Education competence 
  1. Skills sets 
  1. Courses 
  1. Certificates 
  1. Professional Experience 
  1. Projects Experience 
  1. Positions of trust 
  1. Tests 

Checking references 

 Checking a candidate’s references can strengthen hiring manager’s gut feeling about a candidate’s fit. If the reference approves the candidate has the character and qualifications for an industry looking for, it will make additional preference for consideration for an employee 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dpay has provision to track and update the reference information. 

Making Final selection 

Selection of potential employee is the crucial steps, now a days assessing steps having software based test which helps to estimate the technical knowledge of an candidate, it leads to final selection for on board 

Skills sets requirement and talent skills gap analysis helps you in defining the potential worker. 

Hiring and on-board 

It is the final process, it includes offering of appointment letter. 

Worker turns to employee with his / her employment information like joining date, Leave policy, contract policy, End of service policy, Benefit policy and other policies. 

Talent hiring strategies :

Talent hiring strategies vary widely, but here are a few common tactics for finding and hiring great employees, those strategies are furnished below: 

Boost your brand: 

A strong brand represents greatest strength in recruitment process, so ensure your organization’s website, social profiles, and company culture speak not only to your target customer, but also describes about potential career-seeking candidates. Organizations branding efforts, often led by marketing, communications, or HR departments, are hugely important in grabbing the attention of top talent and making them want to apply. 

Get Niche: 

Sometimes, It may seem counterintuitive, but the more specific to the past experience and projects organizations looking for from candidates, the more success you’ll have finding exactly what you need. Niche roles in specialty industries can narrow the pool of candidate’s way down—particularly in the fields of technology, cyber security, medicine, law, and financial management. And, a smaller talent pool can often make outreach and networking efforts more manageable. 


Do some succession planning: 

The business and HR strategy helps to grooms and promotes employees internally, instead of going outside your company to fill open positions. It begins with identifying star performers within the company, and taking the time to train and prepare them to take on more responsibility and leadership. Circulate a list of your open roles on a regular basis via an internal communications so it helps to the employee for the identification of right place within the organizations. 


Hiring process is the foremost procedures, it decides the organization’s branding, and also recruiting of potential candidates leads to achieve win-win strategy, i.e., which makes profit for both, organization and candidates. And also Hiring process includes international labour policies, quality guidelines and company’s vision & mission. 

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