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Microsoft power BI

Microsoft Power BI is intelligence interface of your data from any databasePrecise in insight data and color full, graphical representation for an Enterprise reporting. 


Power BI is an assortment of programming administrations, applications, and connectors that cooperate to transform their disconnected wellsprings of information into intelligible, outwardly vivid, and intelligent experiences.
Their information might be an Excel spread sheet, or an assortment of cloud-put together and concerning premises half breed information distribution centres.
Power BI lets customer effectively interface with their information sources, imagine and find what's significant, and share that with anybody or everybody customer need.

The customer may principally utilize the Power BI administration to see reports and dashboards


Drag and drop of inbuild tools

Supports all aggregate functions to group the data

No advanced training is required

Same data -Different representation

Data can be represented in multiple forms

Analytics tool

Intelligence Insight

Digital transformation

Open to integrate with any application (API)

Interactive dashboard


Easy to handle

Realtime Data

Tailored design

User specific or role-based dashboards

Customers are on any gadget

Accessible anywhere


Our Approach


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Codes and reporting services 

Windows Performance Counters Evaluations 


Define the areas of fixations required 

Performance issue rate 

Error / Performance level tolerance rate 


Resource allocations 

Hardware sizing. 

Scheduled periodic maintenance of jobs and batches 

On demand load balancing DB / AOS.  

Warming up classes of reports, other AOT engines and frameworks 

DB indexing, cache clearance and other DB fixations 

Rebuilding or development of high resource consuming objects or codes. 

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