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Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, It provides a variety of cloud services, as well as reason, analytics, storage, and networking.  
There are 200+ services provided by Azure. 


As a cost-effective way to build, deploy and maintain their technology, businesses are shifting to the cloud. Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform; it provides a variety of cloud services, as well as reason, analytics, storage, and networking platform and competitive advantages.
There is 200+ services provided by Azure. Azure helps to manage your company applications as well as large-scale computing processes. AZURE also provides a public cloud architecture that is helpful in IaaS and supports many other programming languages, frameworks, and tools that could include third-party systems.
You have a dedicated online portal for convenient and easy access to Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted services and resources.


Azure apart from its IaaS, SaaS services has offered dozens of cloud features:

Data Resiliency

Data Security

Business Continuity/
Disaster Recovery Integration

Single-Pane Operations

Enterprise Applications

Azure cloud and services

VM and Application hosting services

Azure Batch

Azure SQL Database

Azure RemoteApp


Pay as you go

Size on demand

Open Cloud system

Data security and disaster recovery

Internet of things – IOT

High Availability and Hybrid Capability


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