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Technological transformation and digital upgrades to your brand are becoming a market necessity.


Localization can accomplish you to make yourself or your product relevant to markets outside of your local area or language region, enabling you to approach new markets and clients and establish a strong presence as an important figure in your industry. Our culture is designed to provide quality, customer focus, and teamwork to our customers and promotes the opportunity to all employees by embracing value creation.
We provide our clients with world-class software solutions and support services which are tailored by unique requirements for clients across the globe. We handle the needs, and engage directly with our clients and maximize their return on investment, ensuring that our maximum potential is put on our solutions—partner with the leaders of ours so that you become the leader in yours.
The GCC localization incorporated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation on various aspects local tax, law, language and other regulatory norms by Dpay consultants.


Multilingual support - GCC

Standard Microsoft ERP application was made available and supported in more than 25 languages.  

Dpay HR and Payroll - Our payroll product is available in English for international version and Arabic to focus native Arab speaking customers. 

All our other products TeleWapps and Dpay Kiosk supports 3 languages viz English, Arabic and Hindi. 

Yesser Support Saudi Arabia

e-Government body that enabling digital transformation in all the govt Sectors  

Dpay aspirins are well versed on integration of eltezam with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation of an Government sector Organisation. 

NIC Support Saudi National Information centre

  • An institution of Saudi e-Govt body provides digital solutions and integrated services adopting best practices of global standards, in government sectors. 
  • Dpay consultant are professional team with strong knowledge on integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation with NIC staging tables of an Government sector Organisation as per the NIC needs. 

Absher Integration Saudi Arabia

  • Absher is an integrated platform to use large list of Government e-service in Saudi Arabia for both Citizen and Expatriates. 
  • Dpay consultants skilled resources in consumes the API integration of Absher to validate Iqama or National ID of an users. 

GOSI General Organisation for Social insurance.

GOSI is Social Insurance Law Saudi Arabia. This insurance coverage government system, collecting contributions from employers and paying benefits for the eligible contributors or their family members. 

Dpay HR and Payroll - Our payroll product embedded with latest GOSI calculation as employee benefits. 


Plug and Play

It's just a matter of plug and play where, all the integration and the complete translation of the front-end, back-end, vendor empanelment, and vendor settlement in multiple languages will be done by quadrate. 

Strengthen product knowledge

True localization doesn’t just remove the barriers to access; it also allows users to understand and really feel the benefit of the product. This ideal user experience means that they keep using it and recommending it. And the more you get to know your market, you can develop an even deeper brand connection. 

Mitigate cultural sensitivity

You can adapt your solution to fit the target audience. It means you change colours where they’re inappropriate, you choose different words where they don’t fit, you format numbers, times and dates and many more. 

Easy to update new law came to effect in future.

Updating software remotely is a thing of the past. An online tool allows the whole team to start working instantly from anywhere at any time. The translators can work directly on a shadow version of the website, app or software they are assigned to and that makes their job easier. 


To make your business seem more approachable in the global market and to show your existing customers in that market that you care about them and are thinking about their requirements by providing services in local languages. 

Native language skin

Once your product or service is set up localization, then half the battle is complete. After you have prepared your solution technically to be localized into one language, it makes it much easier to add additional languages in the future, putting you ahead of the race. 

Increases the opportunity for nationalized people by removing the language barrier.

Break down all the potential cultural and linguistic barriers between your brand and the rest of the world by localizing and reek the benefit of everyone having a closer connection to you and your company. 

Digital transformation

Step into digital transformation and get an edge over your competitor. We help you achieve your brand success 


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