Independent Verification And Validation

One of the vital parts to ensure success in the software development cycle is the Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V).


Dpay as a team, work together to assure you that the software developed is up to the mark with structurally sound concerning the user's requirement. We, being the third party, perform assessments and verify the engineered product in various aspects.
We guarantee our services to your software and render it with utmost reliability, availability, security and efficiency. We make our clients clinch the competitive advantage by leveraging our world-class technologies and services.


Early bird’s view of detection and correction
Supporting throughout the product life-cycle
Providing evidence
Multiple verification steps
Static testing Techniques
Dynamic testing Techniques


Early bird’s view of detection and correction

Review, analyze, evaluate and inspect overall correctness and quality and to maintain independence and integrity by reducing the errors in applications. 

Supporting throughout the product life-cycle

Extending supportive hands throughout the complete project life cycle, ensuring performance, schedules and budget requirements 

Providing evidence

The findings and reports act as the visual proof of consumer requirement satisfaction, which even though happen at an increased cost. 

Multiple verification steps

Multi-step verification of product design, product requirement with standards, terms, conditions, payment, etc. , ensuring the perfect product development. 

Testing Techniques

Ensures proper use of syntax while implementation and establishing assured services by examining the product’s physical response to changing variables.