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ERP Project Management

  To any successful enterprise, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has become indispensable.


And here, we at the ERP Project Management offer careful planning and continual support to steer you in the right direction of an effective management process. We, with our specialized team, help you and advise you on your decisions, to strike a better efficiency and profitability.

We sort out the most effective solution with operational excellence and give you a place
to analyze the proficiency and adaptability of their labourers and improve their utilization. And we do not stop there. We further wrap solutions to give your enterprise a smooth and linear flow in your development, tagging with profitability. We are here waiting for you extending your hands to support you in the best possible way of all.


Three-stage approach from venturing to accounting
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Starter Receipt
General Business record
Income observance
Hour usage page


Starter Receipt

Auditing receipts before sending to clients, so that we can edit in case of any changes before sending to other clients or other subsidizing forces. 

General Business record

Assess exactness of evaluation along with the exchanges that happened during the particular task. Furthermore, the usage paces of the venture colleagues and the general accomplishment of the undertaking can be audited. 

Income observance

Audit income for an ongoing or finished venture. From this, we can assess a solitary task and utilize those reports to analyze different undertakings. 

Hour usage page

Estimate effectiveness rate and usage quantity of hours, thereby, finding the billable work of any labourer. General use rate for a labourer, their abundance of work hours are some add-ons to this feature. 


Our Approach

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