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For Future Construction Industry..

Construction companies are faced with the challenging task of managing the bidding process and execution processes.


End to end solutions are the need of the hour, to meet the complex business needs of the construction companies and we Dpay consultants are here to offer you a one-stop solution to improve operational efficiency at a reduced cost. We develop and implement robust solutions across several industry verticals.

we take care of every single process from bidding a project until completing the project execution.
Project management including Bidding a Project, Analyzing and planning the project development, Resource Management, Executing the project with a cost-efficient approach, and more customer satisfaction over the final product. From handling the Project our services extend till managing the company’s entire Business lifecycle including the sales, administration, employee management, and the payroll, which helps the company to stay focused on their business and prove their strength in their field.
With our continued focus and industry expertise in providing solutions that assist in digital transformation for companies and business process automation, we continue to expand into new verticals with ancillary modules and solutions. Our integration services provide a seamless experience with reports and dashboards built specifically for your industry, helping you to differentiate from competition through our integrated verticalized solution.


For The Construction Industry
Advance project management system
Project Estimation
  • Project Estimation can be directly defined as project Budget 
  • Ready to integrate with any Application  
  • Well defined finalized records of CCS Candy (Estimation, evaluation and planning of construction projects) will be integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation. 
Project Budget define
  • Tracking the version of project budget revision. 
  • Workflow for revision of Project Budget 
  • All the revision of budget will be maintained outside of the side and pushed the revised data to Dynamics 365 Budgets 
WBS – Work breakdown structure
  • Deep drill through, tree structure of Project Execution and Project Budget architecture 
  • Record wise comparison of Budget vs Execution in terms of cost and effort. 
Subcontract and Self execution of project
Project Bidding for Subcontract execution
Resource management
Integration with Microsoft Project
Project Execution transaction
Purchase requisition of item
services involved in project execution
RFQ Orders
Purchase Orders
Variations and Deviation tracking
Advance project management system

AI and IoT driven prescient robotization

Precise cost projections

Continuous profitability

Client retention

Stock tracking

For Effective Business Management

Complete coordinated framework

Internet business

Job tailored user interfaces

Broad audit trails


Versatile Accessibility 

The data once stored can be viewed on any gadget or system enabling easy handling. 

Top Class Billing Arrangements

Any complex billing system could be solved flawlessly thus, reducing unnecessary stress. 

Statement To Project Automation Cycle

From undertaking level to the extension of portfolios, all under a single coordinated framework. 

One Touch Business Intelligence

PowerBI , SSRS now embedded to provide a smooth flowing system for Finance and Operation. 

Work Process Automated

All the work done robotically with a user-friendly interface

Venture Content Management

Integrated record catch allows the required data to be available at a single click


Our Approach

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additional functionalities
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